Vacuum Cooler Rentals

Rent or Lease a Vacuum Cooler or Hydro-Cooler

Agrimaint Inc. has multiple vacuum coolers and hydro-coolers available for rent or lease. Renting or leasing a vacuum cooling system or hydro-cooling system has the benefit of being able to add value and extend the shelf life of your fresh products without an outright purchase of a vacuum cooler or hydro-cooler.

Many of our customers have rented or leased a pre-cooling system while determining if the equipment they are considering is the best fit for their operation. In addition, some customers have decided to rent or lease a vacuum cooler or hydro-cooler due to the shorted length of their growing and harvesting seasons.

Our vacuum cooler fleet consists of some units that are trailer mounted for better mobility and reduced cost of system placement. Others also come with dedicated generator sets, eliminating the need for the 3-Phase power requirement at your facility, which gives greater flexibility for your operation.

Agrimaint’s vacuum coolers also come with easy to use PLC control systems which allow the operators quickly learn how to operate the equipment with ease.

Contact Agrimaint today for availability and any other questions you may have regarding our vacuum cooler and hydro-cooler rental or leasing options.

Vacuum cooling is one of, if not the most effective and efficient means of precooling your fresh produce or other fresh food products.

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