Agrimaint Hydro Coolers

Hydro Cooling is an effective method of cooling many fresh products that have large volumes in comparison to their effective surface areas. The products are cooled by being passed through chilled water (immersion type) or by having chilled water showered (rain type) down over the product and down through its packaging. The water is then re-circulated and recycled to be used again. The cooling of the product is achieved without any loss in final product weight and results in the retention of flavor, appearance, and extended shelf life. Different types of products are more suited to different methods of Hydrocooling.

Agrimaint Hydro Cooling

Features of Hydro Coolers:

  • Batch Type
  • Feed through type
  • Energy saving ice-bank technology
  • Water filtration systems
  • Self-Cleaning
  • Recipe Functions
  • Portability

Benefits of Hydro Coolers:

  • Extension of Product Shelf life
  • Retention of Flavour & Structure
  • No weight loss from cooling process
  • Product Hydration
  • Useable with different crating/packaging

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