Residential & Commercial Products

Agrimaint offers various Residential & Commercial peace of mind & security solutions. These solutions range from Cummins Power Generation Residential and Commercial Standby generators to Liftmaster Access Control Systems and Automated Gate Openers.

Our factory trained technicians perform the installation and commissioning of all of our products to the highest standards. After installation and commissioning we are also equipped to service and maintain your installation, ensuring that you get effective and consistent performance from your investment.

Residential Standby Generators

We all depend on our homes electrical supply to provide us with comfort, security, and convenience. With a Cummins Power Generation residential standby generator you don’t have without these and can still have peace of mind that when you need them they will still be available to your. We can easily forget how much we rely on our homes electrical system to provide us these features until a power outage occurs. When a power outage does occur, a properly sized Cummins Power Generation residential standby generator, with a Cummins Power Generation automatic transfer switch, will automatically transfer you homes electrical system from utility power to the reliable standby power that it provides. A Cummins residential standby generator provides this clean, reliable standby power very quietly and with an attractive and discreet weather resistant housing. Contact Agrimaint today for a free, no obligation quote or for help with your power generation needs!

Residential Standby Generator
Residential Standby Generator

Commercial Standby Generators

Power loss can mean a loss of thousands of dollars in revenue and profit for your business. Your business relies on the utility power supply and when it goes down or becomes unstable your business loses the ability to serve your customers properly, keep refrigerated products from spoiling, maintain a proper level of security, and protect your property from damage. If your business has a Cummins Power Generation commercial standby generator backing it up, you can count on it to supply the power you require to keep your business functioning seamlessly. Contact Agrimaint today for a free, no obligation quote or for help with your power generation needs!

Commercial Standby Generator

Access Control Systems & Gate Operators

Liftmaster Access Control Systems can help you maintain security and manage access to your home or business property. This is true whether you wish to do so for a single dwelling, gated community, or large commercial or industrial complex. Access controls systems include the entry control system as well as the automatic gate operators. Liftmaster manufactures their products with state-of-the-art technology and a strong and rugged construction. Access control systems are offered in internet enabled versions with VOIP technology as well as single line and multi-line telephone configurations. Gate operators come in various configurations including AC power, DC power and DC solar powered options. We can also provide you with custom manufactured ornamental and entry gates including single swing gates, double swing gates, and sliding gates.

Access Control System
Access Control System

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